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Have you ever addressed a conference at Harvard University and wondered whether your speech will reach your audience?
You only have 5 minutes to get your message across…

Learn all you need to know about Public Speaking, Storytelling and Multicultural Awareness.

TED Talk

– by Jonathan Talbott and Tara Philips

TED Talks have become the gold standard for presentations. Learn all  about the magic ingredients of TED Talks.

Conference ready

– by Tara Philips

During this program you will craft a top-notch talk or presentation that you will be proud to walk on stage with

Branding for CEO’s

– by Edmee Tuijl 

Through a robust yet respectful approach, you will learn to bring out the best in you.

Cultural differences

– by Carolyn van Es – Vines

Discover how to re frame the challenges teachers face in today’s multicultural classroom.

Didactical Toolkit International Classroom

– by Vanessa Paisley

Learn how to bridge the gap between cultures, so there are no shocks and surprises at the end of the semester.

  • Have you ever addressed a conference at Harvard University and wondered whether your speech will reach your audience? Do you start with a personal story or do you address the issues right away? You only have 5 minutes to get your message across!
  • You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to convince a board member or a strategic business partner with a different cultural background to go with your idea. You only have 5 minutes to get your message across!
  • Do you have  sufficient tools, insights and sensitivity for getting your job done in a multicultural setting? Ever needed to give feedback to your peers or students in English? How to get the right tone and wording?

Having innovative ideas is great but not always enough to make a change. Wrapping it in the appropriate wording, presentation and audience awareness is essential.

We are an amazing – to the point – learning platform. We encourage dialogue among institutions and professionals in an international setting by:

  • Training and coaching professionals.
  • Teach them how to convey their ideas and expertise for maximum audience engagement.
  • Educate on how to adapt these skills to both a local, as global scale.
  • Providing training programs that are customizable to the individual needs.
  • Interactive training, individual coaching and seminars for global professionals looking to make their presentations and/or lectures inspire and influence – from the international classroom to the boardroom, a conference to a TED lecture hall… these skills can be attained under the careful tutelage of our professional trainers with years of expertise at their disposal.
  • Our trainers are mainly native English speakers from the United States and the United Kingdom with experience in an international environment. They utilize their skills, expertise and experience in helping professionals be ambassadors for their ideas to a diverse audience to make the difference.
  • Our academy trainers create awareness of multicultural sensitivity and provide tools for improving individual skills – to be more effective in today’s global workplace.
  • We offer coaching on how to develop a multicultural plan (business) or how to get your curriculum ready for the international environment.
  • You will learn how to gain more effect on the participation/results (academia) within your institution and we show you how to get support and tools to reach your goals.

Focus on in an international context.

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