Marina Meijer

Marina Meijer, LLM MPA

International Director

* Strategy and policy making 
* Higher Education in the United States, Canada and Europe (including school rankings, admissions, accreditation, and credit transfer) 
* Financial aid possibilities for study and internships abroad 
* US visa guidelines for study, internship and employment
* Admissions at educational institutions in North America (incl. scientists, athletes, and artists)

Marina Meijer is an expert in the field of international education with a specific regional focus on the United States, Canada and Europe.  

During her law studies in Groningen she was a board member of the Europa Dispuut and made study trips to Eastern Europe and Russia and completed internships in Washington DC. Furthering her interest in international study she completed a Master’s degree in Public Administration and studied Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. While at UT Austin, she furthered her interests in intercultural exchange by organizing various activities for international students and completed an internship in South Korea focused on researching comparative education in the United States and Korea.

Marina has worked for various American government programs in the field of international education with a focus on recruitment of foreign students. She lobbied on Capitol Hill on behalf of an American interest group for international cultural and educational exchanges. She worked as a study advisor for the EducationUSA office of the American government in Tunisia, where she also ran American scholarship programs for talented students in North Africa. Marina also had a seat in the Netherlands selection committee for Fulbright scholarships for the United States.

Marina worked for 13 years as senior policy advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague. She represented the Dutch government at the EU, OECD and other organizations in the areas of trade, technology and scientific policy.

She is currently the Director at UStudy – International Education Consultancy , Study Advisor at Go USA Talent in Sports (GUTS), and since 2014 she has been working as a Consultant at NEXT Education Global (formerly USActive).

  • UStudy – International Education Consultancy, The Netherlands, Canada, UK
  • Go USA Talent in Sports, Amsterdam
  • The International School of The Hague, Den Haag
  • Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, e.g. Foreign Trade Directorate, The Hague
  • EducationUSA/America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Tunisia
  • The International Exchange Association, Washington DC, USA
  • AMIDEAST Headquarters, Washington DC, USA
  • Partners for International Education and Training, Washington DC, USA
  • Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas in Austin, USA

Marina is a member of:

  • Overseas Association of College Admission Counselors (OACAC)
  • European Association of International Educators (EAIE)
  • Netherlands Fulbright Alumni Association (NFAA)
  • Beter Onderwijs Nederland (BON)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging van Schooldecanen en Leerlingbegeleiders (NVS-NVL)

Language skills: Fluent in Dutch and English, good level of German and French, working knowledge of Arabic

Saskia Torn Broers

Saskia Torn Broers, MEd

Education Director

* Training expert with a Master’s in Education 
* Solutions specialist within the educational sphere
* Member of the National Training Experts
* Lecturer 
* Academic advisor, tutor, and educational assessor 
* Expertise in MBO and HBO education as an educational designer/researcher 
* Projects in education and health/exercise in Talent Development and Excellence 
* Project leader and developer of short track trajectory within MBO 4 education    
* Education developer

Saskia Torn Broers is an experienced professional in the Education sector. Her studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Physical Education (Tilburg), Educational Design, Business Training Coach (Opleidingskunde, Nijmegen) and Master’s in Education (route: talent development and excellence, Zwolle / VU) provide a solid academic foundation for an extensive professional career in the field of education, training and development. As part of her Master’s in Education she did qualitative research at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, USA. She’s a seasoned academically trained professional with a heart for education and internationalization. 

Saskia has worked for educational institutions such as; MBO (MTS, Utrecht), MBO (MMZ, Sport en bewegen/CIOS Doetichem/Arnhem), National Development Group Sport en bewegen/CIOSNL, ALO (Nijmegen) and commercial health projects (OHRA, Arnhem) and KPN (Arnhem). Saskia graduated in Educational Design and is an educational expert. While in Spain for half a year, Saskia also developed and implemented a successful sports/recreation program.

Saskia owned the company Active Impulse from 1991 until 2017. Her company developed sports programs and Saskia is an expert in the field of coaching. Activities included organizing an international internship to Norway (Hamar) for the National skating KNSB TC3 trainers. As a mental coach of Active Impulse, Saskia was involved in coaching young athletes in hockey (national team, A youth), long track skating (semi-professionals) and a tri-athlete (National champion).

  • Teacher, tutor and research skills specialist at University of Applied Sciences HAN Nijmegen in the field of Sport Management and Innovation in Sport
  • Chairwoman of the education development work group of Sport and Exercise at Graafschap College.
  • Pedagogical Project Leader. Vision development, develop educational assignments and implementing new direction 
  • Graduation supervisor and examiner for students of the University of Applied Sciences HAN Nijmegen, CALO Zwolle and KALO Fontuijs
  • Development and implementation of POP EN PAP at the Graafschap College.
  • Over the course of a half a year developed, organized and implemented a sports recreation program for D-Tours, Spain.
  • Developed Blackboard for the Police Academy in collaboration with a training expert
  • Development of health programs in collaboration with a occupational physician and Public Relations project for OHRA Commercieel and KPN 
  • Coordinating vision and development tools as a member for the National Development group for training education (CIOS NL).
  • Developed and implemented an abridged talent trajectory for MBO 4, Sport and Exercise, Graafschap College
  • Assessor in physical education and trainers training (together with the Dutch ballsports union) for students enrolled in the MBO Sports and Exercise training program.
  • Establishment of the Skating Association.

Saskia is a member of:

    • Alumni Educational Expert
    • Sport Psychology
    • InnoSportLab for Sport and Movement
    • LOSmakers, experts in social technology in the Netherlands

Kamal Assou

* Education advisor to school boards in the fields of internationalization, strategic policy and quality assurance
* Sparring partner in the development of study materials and revision curriculum
* Implementation of online learning solutions for universities and HBO
* Customized delivery to educational institutions (custom publishing)
* HBO & WO
* Teacher/trainer for school principals, teachers and students

Kamal Assou was born in Delft in 1984. He is an educational adviser. He completed the Primary Education Teacher Training (PABO) program (The Hague University), studied Education Psychology, Critical Investigation; and Teach and Learn (Texas Christian University, Texas). His primary focus is on educational related issues across all levels of education, from introduction to implementation. With a particular specialisation on internationalisation strategic policy and quality assurance.

Educational institutions he has worked with include the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Finance), Hogeschool Rotterdam (IBMS), De Haagse Hogeschool (PABO), Hanze Hogeschool Groningen (Finance, PABO), and Saxion Enschede (IBMS/IBL).

After a number of years working in education, Kamal Assou is now working with Pearson Academic Publisher in Amsterdam. His role there is as an educational consultant, and is focused largely on the implementation of study materials in combination with online learning solutions and custom publishing for curriculum revision. Kamal is a teacher/trainer responsible for managing strategic policy and quality assurance within school boards, and ‘Bookshelf’ as a platform for ebooks in collaboration with other educational publishers.

A selection of projects Kamal has been involved in:

  • Implemented ‘Bookshelf’ as a collaborative platform for educational publishers of Ebooks for students
  • Teachers Channel for all teacher training at Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL)
  • Teacher’s Campus for Koninklijke van Gorcum publishers
  • Custom publishing for Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Finance)
  • Custom publishing and online learning solutions for Hogeschool van Rotterdam (IBMS)
  • Teacher/trainer, creating school plans for Fluenta school board
  • Teacher/trainer, quality assurance for SAMON school board
  • Curriculum revision for Hogeschool Rotterdam 

Kamal is a member of the following organizations:

Nadia de Vries

* International Business Administration
* Social Media Marketing
* Food Quality Management
* Catering & Banqueting
* Health & Sustainability within the Food Industry

Nadia de Vries is an energetic, enthusiastic team player with a background in the quality segment of the food industry. Her interests lie in health and sustainability and working towards a socially responsibly and sustainable world. Her academic background is international in scope; she received a Presidential Scholarship to St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, USA where she was a Division I Varsity Field Hockey Player and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. While at St. John’s she obtained first place in two competitions; marketing and research competition 2014-2015 and the 2016 NGA Case Competition. Upon her return to The Netherlands she has focused her energies in pursuing a Master’s in Food Quality Management at Wageningen University; combining her interest in the food industry and her academic credentials in business and administration. She has experience training others, working and promoting sales and marketing initiatives and is customer service oriented.

  • Young Capital- Cormet, Appel, The Netherlands
  • Pepperminds-Hello Fresh, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Adventure Food, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Language skills: Fluent in English and Dutch, beginner German


Caroline Kappers

* Strategic Communications and Social Media Marketing
* Records Management and Regulatory Compliance
* Grantsmanship and Federal Grants Management
* Higher Education in the United States and Europe (Administration, Admissions and Grants/Contracts Management)
* Fiscal Stewardship and Financial Reporting

Caroline Kappers comes from the United States with an extensive working background in Higher Education. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at Tulane University and studied at The University of Chicago towards a Master of Liberal Arts degree. She has worn many hats within the Higher Education field; from working in admissions, administration at the departmental level, advising students and faculty on registration and academic policies, to overseeing and managing a comprehensive management of grants and contracts to name just a few. Her longest tenure has been in funding development and fiscal stewardship of grants and contracts and has worked in all aspects of proposal development and post award activities. Working as a facilitator and communicator on an international level has been her primary strength; she has experience facilitating and collaborating with students, staff, faculty, Federal funding agencies, and businesses alike. Educational institutions she has worked for include Rotterdam School of Management (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and Loyola University Chicago (Chicago, IL USA).

After working in Higher Education for almost a decade, Caroline is now working for NEXT Education Academy as a Marketing Communications Specialist. Her role is to provide optimal communication with clients and trainers with regards to the planning and implementation of the Academy training programs. Caroline is also responsible for developing and refining marketing strategy, manage the Academy’s social media presence, promotional activities and branding while conducting marketing analysis and research to identify potential clients and market opportunities.

NEXT Education Academy, The Hague, The Netherlands

Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Loyola University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

Language skills: Fluent in English and Spanish

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