Assessing – And Changing Our Own Perspective

In this follow-up training we continue to apply concepts from the Table for Multicultural Course Change specifically to the assessment process. We reflect on the cultural assumptions instructors bring to the classroom. We then evaluate a current assessment’s level of inclusivity followed by brainstorming ways to modify and transform it. We end with a reflection on the challenges that may arise in adapting these changes.  

To transform classroom instruction by infusing concepts of inclusivity into all aspects of today’s multicultural classroom.

  • Understand the impact our own cultural assumptions have on the assessment process
  • Reframe our concept of assessing student progress
  • Brainstorm ways to modify an assessment
  • Learn alternate ways to assess learning 

To learn some of the TED approaches and how to implement them. This will bring modern, invigorating tools into the classroom of the participants leading to more energy, engagement and participation.


Carolyn van Es-Vines is a Certified Professional Coach and Intercultural Trainer. She holds a Master’s degree in Latin American literature and has taught at the University of Maryland and Tulane University in the States. Since living in Netherlands, she has worked at University College Utrecht as a tutor and instructor. She is the author of black and (A)broad: traveling beyond the limitations of identity and the mother of three children.

For whom:  Lecturers, Researchers, HR/International office employees

Duration: 3.5 hours

Cost: upon request

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Carolyn Vines - Next Education Global Academy - What All Teachers Should Know about Managing a MultiCultural Classroom


Assessing – And Changing Our Own Perspective


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