TED Talk Basic

TED talks have become the gold standard for presentations.
What if we could take the presentation, persuasion and storytelling skills used in TED talks and apply them to lectures? Could we achieve more student engagement, more learning, and more pleasure for everyone in the classroom?

Jonathan Talbott has assisted in the creation of over 250 TEDx talks. In this fully participatory workshop he will be sharing the secrets he uses to help speakers deliver inspiring presentations or speeches of any length to any audience.

Through interesting and engaging lectures, to provide the participants with advanced presentation skills and enhanced confidence when presenting.

Medium to high

Jonathan Talbott, the head speakers’ coach for 4 different TEDx conferences, is a communications advisor at incubators/accelerators across Europe (World Startup Factory, Orange Grove, European Venture Program, for example), and is in charge of programs for communicating ideas and values at organizations like Nationale Nederland, Cordaid and the National Museum of Qatar. He teaches courses on presentation skills as a guest lecturer at the Rotterdam School of Management, Delft University of Technology and Utrecht University. He works with leaders and teams at banks, large corporates, non-profits, and tech companies to create presentations that initiate decisions, increase stakeholder involvement and generate investment.

He founded TIP (Talbott International Presentations) link: www.tipresentations.nl in 2012 with the ambition to stop the spread of “Death by PowerPoint”.
Good decisions are not made by people who have been put to sleep by boredom. Good decisions are made by people who are engaged by great ideas, presented well.

For whom:  Lecturers, Researchers, HR/International office employees

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: upon request

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Jonathan Talbott - How to give lectures like a TED speaker


TED Talk Basic


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