Storytelling (One-on-One Coaching)

Our one-to-one story training develops you as a better storyteller so you can reach the hearts and minds of the people you most need to connect with.

 Academic decision-makers are often short of the time required to craft personal communication that really connects. Speeches scribbled in transit and hastily written all-staff emails don’t always have the intended clarity and punch that good communication demands.

With our one-to-one story training service we offer you time with an expert trainer to create engaging, effective communication with your own personal touch. At the outset of the training we set your own personal learning goals and get to the know the kinds of communication you most regularly deal with. Working pragmatically on emails, talks and slide decks you actually use, we will pump up your strengths and shear away any bad habits. By the end you will feel more capable as a storyteller, increasing your emotional connection and effectiveness of communication.

The result is a more personal, engaging storytelling style that goes beyond handbook technique to uncover your own authentic voice that connects with the community around you.

The objective of this training is to:

  • Increase your impact at conferences and public events
  • Make your talks more digestible and engaging
  • Make written communication more effective
  • Increase your ease and enjoyment in public speaking and personal written communication

Adapted to your level.

Simon Hodges is from the United Kingdom and is an outstanding practitioner in the field of transformational storytelling. A performance storyteller himself, Simon has worked with academics from Harvard, MIT and Rotterdam School of Management and is a former trainer at TEDxAmsterdam. His consultancy has developed over 10,000 storytellers influencing corporate, academic, social business and non-profit communities.

For whom: Leadership/board members
Duration: Four one-hour sessions
One-on-One Coaching
Cost: upon request    

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Storytelling (One-on-One Coaching)


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